The issues:


People should have full control over their data.


The Problem

As online political advertising and targeting have expanded in reach and sophistication, companies are collecting, selling, purchasing, and using our data in ways to which we did not consent. This may result in exposing our personal information, being subjected to political targeting we did not agree to, and the general anxiety of feeling constantly surveilled. In particular, marginalized communities face increased risks of privacy violations that represent threats to civil rights and to democratic political participation.

Our Solutions

Stolen personal data shouldn’t power the marketplace of online political activity. Given social media and technology companies’ history of pushing people to accept terms of service that are either incomprehensible or betray our best interests, there should be limits on the types and amount of data companies can collect and use about us. Furthermore, our data should never be collected or sold without our explicit agreement, or used to discriminate or discourage political participation.


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