The issues:


Every voter should be able to see who is trying to influence their opinions.


The Problem

Powerful industries, foreign governments, and other political actors increasingly use social media and technology platforms to influence public opinion. But political communication online is wildly unregulated, and the few regulations that exist are not consistently enforced. Gaps in disclosure laws for paid online ads and sponsored content combined with coordinated disinformation campaigns, bots, influence networks, deepfakes, and manipulated media have created an online environment where we can’t be sure who is trying to influence our opinion and why we’re being targeted.

Our Solutions

We advocate for all paid political activity to be transparent, by law. Anyone should be able to easily access information about who is spending money online to influence our opinion about politics. We support the For the People Act, regulating microtargeting of political ads, reforms aimed at strengthening the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), and laws aimed at addressing automation-based propaganda, deepfakes and manipulated media used to deceive the public.


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