December 20, 2021

A New Direction for MapLight and Decode Democracy

Daniel G. Newman

2021 has marked another exciting year for MapLight. Between our work on civic technology, research, and advocacy, we’ve advanced the movement for a stronger democracy by creating powerful new tools to make government more transparent; highlighted key threats to democratic participation; and fought back against online disinformation by pushing for more accountability from Big Tech with our Decode Democracy campaign. 

In the year ahead, we’ll continue to fight to make our democracy more inclusive, responsive, and accountable — and we’ll do so by expanding our work creating innovative data, online tools, and other technology that supports governments, nonprofits, and organizations working to advance the public interest. 

As the movement to advance a stronger democracy grows, so too must our ability to develop, support, and scale software and data systems that support lasting change. Given MapLight’s 16-year track record of navigating and managing large sets of data, collaborating with partners and allies in government and civil society, and creating online tools to improve democracy, we’re in a unique position to take our civic technology program to the next level. To do that, we’ll be scaling back our work focused on online disinformation, and we’ll no longer produce our weekly Decoder newsletter. We will continue to support our allies working to limit online disinformation and hold large social media platforms accountable.

With  our democratic institutions still in a precarious position, our work ahead is crucial.  With your support, we look forward to continuing the fight to improve our democracy.

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