March 3, 2021

The For The People Act Improves Democracy and Begins to Address the Disinformation Crisis

Alec Saslow

As the House of Representatives prepares for a vote on the For the People Act (H.R.1/S.1) this week, MapLight President and Co-Founder Daniel G. Newman issued the following statement:

“The For the People Act would dramatically improve democracy  in the United States by increasing accountability, transparency, and equity. For members of the House of Representatives, this week’s vote is an opportunity to repair the broken system that disillusions and frustrates so many Americans and move towards a government that actually works for the people.

“In addition to monumental changes that will limit the influence of money in politics, crack down on gerrymandering, and expand access to voting, the For the People Act also begins to address the online disinformation crisis fueled by conspiracy theories, lies, and political deceit. It improves disclosure rules for online political ads, requires online platforms to maintain a public database of online political ads shown to their users, and demands platforms make reasonable efforts to prevent foreign interference in our elections.

“The past year has given us far too many powerful and painful examples of why Big Tech cannot be trusted to address online disinformation on its own. We need Congress to lead the way when it comes to fighting online political deception, and passing the For the People Act is a great place to start.”

Click here to view MapLight’s letter to members of Congress in support of the For the People Act and here to view more information about the reforms included in the For the People Act.

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