Election Deception Tracker

The Election Deception Tracker from Decode Democracy allows anyone to quickly and easily report deceptive or problematic election-related information on Facebook to help protect the election and reduce the spread of false information online.

With only a few clicks, the Election Deception Tracker allows users to capture content from their Facebook feeds that contains false or misleading content about the election, voting-by-mail, and other voter suppression or intimidation and send it to a team of election protection advocates who will analyze the information and push for its removal.

The Election Deception Tracker works on Windows or Mac computers with both the Chrome or Firefox browsers. By joining a collective effort to track and report the spread of deceptive election content on Facebook, Election Deception Tracker users can take a powerful stand to protect the upcoming election while countering the spread of misinformation online.

Join the fight
against online
political deception.