Tell Congress to stop online political deception

Our democracy has been hacked.

More than three-quarters of Americans now believe that disinformation is a serious threat to our country and that Big Tech has played an outsized role in creating this problem. Big Tech’s business model is causing irreparable harm — to individuals, to marginalized communities and to our democracy.

Social media companies won’t fix the disinformation crisis on their own. In fact, our research shows that despite announcing hundreds of policy changes in response to crises and public pressure, Big Tech has failed to alleviate the growing problem of online disinformation.

We can’t continue down this path. Members of Congress have the power to put in place the protections we need. Add your name to our petition today and tell Congress to decode democracy:

Dear Member of Congress:

It’s time to take back control and hold technology and social media companies to account for their actions. To do that we encourage you to take four clear actions that will limit the very worst abuses and stem the tide of disinformation online:

    1. Ban the most dangerous forms of targeted political ads.
    2. Ensure transparency for all political activities online.
    3. Give people control over their own data.
    4. Hold platforms accountable for amplifying disinformation that leads to offline harms.


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