Tell Congress: Facebook Needs Real Oversight

The revelations from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen are disturbing — including Facebook’s harmful impact on teen mental health; its program allowing public figures to post dangerous and misleading content with impunity; its negligence in addressing the platform’s use to facilitate human trafficking; and its decision to reward outrageous content.

Viewed as a whole, the “Facebook Files” reveal a recurring pattern of negligence and a deeply corrosive corporate culture. As Frances Haugen knows, Facebook won’t stop its destructive behaviors without legislative intervention. No one especially our lawmakers should expect Facebook to make deeply needed changes to its harmful algorithms and business practices.

It’s finally time for Facebook to be held accountable.

Congress must usher in a new era that ensures our children’s health and the integrity of our democracy can’t be treated as collateral damage on the way to an investor report.

If you agree that Facebook cannot be trusted to regulate itself, sign our petition to hold Facebook accountable today.

To: Congress

It’s past time for new laws to improve accountability and transparency at Facebook and across Big Tech. That starts with making data easily accessible for the public good; regulating algorithms to ensure they stop rewarding sensational content; and ushering in new rules that protect the privacy of every user by default, especially our children and teens. Now is the moment to make clear public safety and the health of our democracy come before corporate profits.

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