Tell Congress: Rein in Big Tech’s Monopoly Power

The House Judiciary Committee recently advanced a series of bills that will rein in Big Tech’s unregulated, monopoly power and give antitrust enforcers the tools to protect online users and our public square. The current absence of meaningful alternatives not only forces users to accept harmful data practices, it also damages the information ecosystem underpinning our democracy.

If signed into law, these bills will help bring choice and control back to consumers and stop the oversized influence companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple have on our economy, our politics, and our daily lives.

Merger Filing Fee Modernization Act of 2021
→ Problem: The FTC and DOJ don’t have enough money.
→ Solution: Update all filing fees for mergers and boost budgets for enforcement

→ Problem: Platforms don’t make it easy enough for consumers to switch services
→ Solution: Mandate interoperability and data portability so that users can easily move their data between platforms.

Platform Competition and Opportunity Act of 2021
→ Problem: Big Tech’s “killer” acquisitions leave online users without meaningful choices.
→ Solution: Prohibit tech monopolies from acquiring competitors unless they can prove that it won’t harm competition.

Ending Platforms Monopoly Act
→ Problem: Tech platforms have become so big that they can bully users — or sellers that depend on them — into any terms of service.
→ Solution: Give the DOJ & FTC the ultimate power to sue large platforms and break them up.

American Choice and Innovation Online Act
→ Problem: Platforms routinely advantage their own products, services, or lines of business over those of a rival business.
→ Solution: Penalize dominant platforms for bullying their competitors.

Big Tech’s lobbyists are going into overdrive to stop these bills from advancing any further, prioritizing profit over the health of our democracy.

Sign the petition and tell Congress to strengthen our antitrust laws and hold Big Tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google accountable.

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